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Zuma retains a large level of grass-roots support, especially among the Zulu ethnic group in his native KwaZulu-Natal province. He lost an internal party election of the ruling African National Congress to current president Cyril Ramaphosa in 2017 after a bitter internal battle nearly split the storied liberation party in two. Ramaphosa was subsequently elected president in a national vote in 2019. Play zuma In this classic Pictionary game-night game, make teams, use a Pictionary word generator to decide who goes first, designate a drawer on that team, let him/her generate a word and their team has to guess that word. The team gains a point if they guess the word correctly.

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H/T to Elite Daily for this idea. You can use a Zoom whiteboard for it: The Chipcage Blog As 2020 continued on and Zoom calls persisted, there became a kind of “now what?” feeling that transcended the video call space. Awkward pauses, lack of life updates and little to no desire to converse to begin with, quickly became three terrorizing 2020 Zoom issues. That is until we discovered some of the best games to play on Zoom.

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I found this awesome video with even more cool ideas of easy, family-friendly games to play over zoom. What are online team building games? Did you know you can listen to articles? Subscribe to News24 for access to this exciting feature and more.

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© 2021 2game.com. All Rights Reserved. Join the conversation Cancel reply All of the players use a code to join the game, then everyone types in words and phrases onto digital notecards. Then you split into teams and try to get your teammates to guess what’s on the cards.