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For those who may not know, parkour is essentially the act of moving from one point to another while attempting to navigate through a series of obstacles. Parkour is popular among stuntpeople, as well as by military members to train their bodies for combat. While it might look fun to try, however, it could also leave you with an injury or two if you’re not careful. So, how can you get your parkour fix without actually having to go through an actual set of obstacles? Free parkour games for pc This comment is awaiting moderation

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Email * Parkour Race 3D - Best Parkour Games on Windows Pc Companies are taking parkour as a serious trend and exploring financial opportunities in it. Despite the fact that many shoe companies are manufacturing a compatible footwear and many video game companies are launching parkour oriented releases; it is still an underground activity that is not much in the limelight yet.

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Big STRIDEs being made today. Just kidding! We chat for a few minutes about a parkour game. GameplayEdit See All News

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Finally a game dedicated to Parkour itself. An original port on the Playstation, this was subsequently released on the PC. Goal of the game being to traverse around hitting the checkpoints and it gave you a variety of moves to execute and do so in style. Although the movement didn’t have many varied animations, this game lived up to its promise. Follow Game Developer On Social Overall: For its short length, Ninja Pizza Girl is a tiny bit on the pricey side. Regardless, the game manages to nail an excellent sense of ‘flowing’ momentum that will almost definitely appeal to those looking for more fun and addictive parkour games like Mirror’s Edge. The implicit social commentary on bullying and confidence building is also a nice narrative touch.