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Plus, of course, no one canceled the equipment, which gives bonuses to strength, health, protection, and so on. Additional cells for them need to be opened - the main characters do this by pumping the corresponding skills, and their partners need to be given special devices. By the way, gifts, consumables, and equipment can not only be bought, but also exchanged for the collected resources. Open girlsgogames Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews

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Also in the Y8 Games category are presented as .io games - these games are now so popular that such a serious portal as Y8 Games could not ignore them. Got a question? Fun Online Games

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I hate the "gamer girl lol I play cod here's my tits and a controller" trope as much as the next guy, but I'm getting sick of this being a thing. Why is the Y8 Games portal so loved by Internet users all over the world? I’ve taken the liberty of expanding the lyrics slightly and coming up with a tune:

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