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Our awesome team looks for amazing gaming content each day so you can experiment with new fashion trends, makeup styles or crazy dress designs, in single player games or multiplayer fun experiences. The most important part: they're girls just like you and if you're not a girl, you are welcome too. We publish content for anyone brave enough to explore their creative side, in fact we encourage young minds around the world to do it on Prinxy. Crazy games beauty Crazy games - no other words needed. Crazy action, crazy adventure, crazy ride and simulation, simply crazy world of games based on unblocked imagination. Collection of the craziest games for all lovers of craziness. Read more.

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You can also join large games of stunts and thrill other gamers. You may also like App Lock


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Become a fashion designer in this brand-new game for girls. Put your skills to the test and have a blast designing cool denim jackets, customising fancy jeans and getting creative with your cool new t-shirt while choosing from an exclusive collection of trendy designs and colours. Next, arrange them in an instagramable #fatlay and next go ahead and prove your hairstylist skills as well. Have fun! Play Beauty Games on CrazyGames Thanks to our loyal customers, we can keep bringing many smiles to kids and adults in our community