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23. We Were Here – co-op puzzle game for you and your friend

It seems like every major company wants its own digital storefront and Ubisoft is no exception. Uplay acts as a sort of social hub and storefront in one, rewarding players for purchases or for completing “Classic Challenges” with Club Units. These Units can then be exchanged for in-game items like character outfits to discount codes for future purchases. Best online games free for pc Where is it on sale? Epic Games Store (free)

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Doom: Eternal takes the insane FPS action of Doom (2016) and cranks the craziness up a notch. The game is as action packs as before, but this time around, it offers better traversal mechanics as well as tweaks gameplay. Not to mention the heavy metal soundtrack that suits the game perfectly. AllGamesAtoZ Now Read:

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There’s no shortage of websites and marketplaces to find free PC games, though you may find that it’s a bit of a lucky dip in terms of quality and quantity. Places like Steam and Humble Bundle will often put full price games out for free usually as part of some kind of promotion, such as when a new game in a series is released and the publisher wants more eyes on their older titles — you can build up quite the impressive library from these promotions alone. #59 Genshin Impact Pick your class, create a squad, and then work together to hunt down and destroy aliens with this free game focused on limited co-op action. The top-down perspective and strong, often haunting graphics make this game a particularly unique experience. The more you level up, the more weapons and equipment you can unlock for an increasingly complex experience with your friends or new allies.

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Brawlhalla is a great Super Smash Bros. alternative for PC players, but it would be a disservice to imply that's all it is. This platform fighter stands out with its unique weapons-based approach to combat, as each character brings their own gadgets to battle, and that can change the course of a fight. The game’s ever-growing roster of original characters such as Cassidy and Sir Roland is complemented by guest stars such as Rayman and WWE wrestlers, such as John Cena and The Rock. Better yet, Brawlhalla is cross-play, so PC players can duke it out with friends on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. - Mike Andronico Your Daily Brew There’s a reason Giant Sparrow’s wonderful ‘walking simulator’ has won so many awards as of late. It’s an landmark in video game storytelling, using simple gameplay mechanics and a variety of visual styles to slowly unravel a plot that isn’t afraid to tackle some truly heartbreaking and taboo themes. We don’t want to risk ruining how could the story really is, but we’ll say this is a game to enjoy in long stretches as you follow the linear path it unfolds before you. Coming from the same studio that brought you the affecting odyssey that was The Unfinished Swan, WRoEF will no doubt stay with you for many years to come.