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Very good! Post navigation Backgammon boards can be traced back through history over 5,000 years. You can image two men enjoying the spoils of their hunt while moving backgammon stones by the light of a fire. Now, in the 21st century, we can play Backgammon online with someone half way around the world while enjoying a burger and a milkshake!

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Backgammon Connect uses fully 3D dice that bounce and roll as you would expect from a real set. Our virtual dice have no manipulation so you can be confident that you and your opponent are getting truly random rolls on every turn. Plus, you have the option to either use the roll button or drag and swipe your dice in any direction you please if you’re feeling lucky! My last played games Related Articles

Online backgammon with friends

It’s a nice interface, but between the broken RNG and the cheaters, you should avoid PlayOK backgammon like the plague. Where to play backgammon online? Top 7 websites to try Challenge the best players in the world