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Being released worldwide in November 16, 2017 Shadow Fight 3 , comes with some surprising changes. Still the story line is the same, so you can change between two modes, human or shadow, each of them with their own characteristics. You can switch to easily. Also you can change your character, image, appearance, also choose your weapons. There are three modes you can choose: Dynasty, Legion or Herald.  If you are a fan of Shadow Fights , then you should really Download Shadow Fight 3 apk and enjoy the fights.

Shadow Fight 3

Download Shadow Fight 3 apk

 Shadow Fight 3 Overview:

This game is not released yet , but it is going to be released worldwide in 16 November 2017. Every fan of Shadow Fights series, should Download Shadow Fight 3 apk and enjoy the game because now the graphics are super amazing 3D. You can also play in three different modes: Dynasty,Legion or Heralds. You can now change you character, image or even appearance.  You can now change even between being a human or shadow , and each has it’s own characteristics. Download Shadow Fight 3 apk , if you feel interested.

In the Dynasty mode you can : Fight in it’s annual tournament. In the Heralds mode, here fighters are more respected, talented and better and precise. Their movements are rapid and fast, they only self defend, so their opponent does not have a chance.  In the Shadow mode they are really smart and know a lot of Shadow Technologies. In the Legion mode, their aim is to reduce Shadow Energy and do anything for the humankind.  It is really interesting and captivating that you would want to Download Shadow Fight 3 apk.

You can also update your weapons or skills after every win. You can choose from different types: there are usual weapons, rare ones, Epic ones and legendary. Every mode requires it’s own kind of weapon or skill.  Download Shadow Fight 3 apk and enjoy the fights.

To Conclude: Shadow Fight 3 comes with changes. The graphics are mind blowing and the three stages: Herald, Dynasty or Legion are quite captivating. You can change your appearance, gender or skills. Download Shadow Fight 3 apk and fight to your heart content.

Download Shadow Fight 3 apk

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