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NOVA Legacy is the ultimate game against the threats of the Aliens. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance are the special forces that must protect humankind. Download NOVA Legacy apk now and feel the thrill!

NOVA Legacy

Download NOVA Legacy apk

NOVA Legacy Overview:

This game called NOVA Legacy tells the story of a retired veteran named Kal , which is called by the higher ups to figure out what is happening in one base. His job is to fight aliens , who want to invade the Orbit. Kal is helped by Yelena , his assistant. So basically this is a Sci-fi  game which keeps you captivated. Download NOVA Legacy apk now and begin the battle.

The main idea is that you need to find out why is this sudden attack happening? To help you with that the game master  has given you the luxury to have different kinds of weapons and to know different types of combats. You can find tutorials on how to win the missions too. If you are this type of gamer , Download NOVA Legacy apk now and enjoy!

Another tip to keep your interest in the game high, you can play the game in three modes game. Story mode, Shadow Events and Special Ops. Story mode is the longest , in which you have to find the reason why the aliens are trying to invade. Shadow Events- you have fights in a time limited edition and Special Ops is about strategic moves against the aliens. After every win , you get the chance to update the weapons and your outfits. Pretty helpful.

DeathMatch is pretty interesting too. As you can play in multiplayer arenas and you need be the last one on feet to win. Download NOVA Legacy apk now from our website and enjoy the game. Aliens you don’t have a chance!

Download NOVA Legacy Apk

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