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Download Flip Master apk For Android

You now have the chance to free download Flip Master apk on your android device and enjoy playing this magnificent game. Play the game and make the best flips that you can do.

Download Flip Master apk

Flip Master apk Overview:

In Flip Master you have to make the best possible jumps that you can do in a trampoline. Play the game and make different flips to earn more points. There are a lot of flip types that you can do in the game such as back flips, gainers, front flips, back flips 360 and so many more tricks to do. Download Flip Master apk to discover new flip types and try them in trampoline.

Also the game offers different levels that you have to pass. The higher the level, the harder the flips. By passing the levels, you can also unlock new power ups. The power ups improve your jumping skills, and give you power to make some amazing jumping tricks and back flips. Download Flip Master and improve your jump skills.

By playing the game, you will also be able to unlock new characters and play with them. Every character is an athlete with different body physics. The reason why you need to unlock new characters is because they might have better body physics than your existing character and you will have the chance to make better flips and jumps. Download Flip Master apk and unlock your favorite character.

Flip Master allows you to choose different locations where you can place your trampoline and do your flips. These places can be gym, nature, etc. but you can also choose trampoline park, where you have more than one trampoline, and make easier and better flips. Download Flip Master apk and make your flips in your favorite location.

Download Flip Master apk

Click the button below to download flip master apk and enjoy playing the game by making the best possible flips.

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