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Download AutoRap apk by Smule

Wanna rap but you don’t have the right circumstances? Well if you download autorap apk everything will be easier for you. Install this application on your phone and start rapping with the most amazing beats out there.

Download AutoRap apk by Smule

AutoRap apk Description:

Many people are very talented in rap, but the problem is they simply can’t. For these people we suggest to download autorap apk which will help them a lot. Autorap is an application where you can create lyrics by your self and sing them. After that, your lyrics will be automatically converted into a rap song. There are many modes for rapping in this application, if you just want to have some fun you can choose talk mode, but if you think you are talented, you can choose rap mode and show your amazing rap freestyle.

In this application, you will find a lot of beats. Turkey burgers is a free beat if you don’t want to spend any money, but there are many other popular beats that you can use if you want to buy and enjoy. Beats from eminem, Tupac, Drake, Dr Dre and a lot others will make you obsessed with this apk. Only when you download autorap apk you will see how amazing this application is. So don’t hesitate to explore the best beats and try to freestyle them.

If you want to challenge other people around the world with your talent, autorap offers you this option. After you download autorap apk, in your menu you will see the option rap battle. If you choose that you can freestyle your verses with your favorite beat, and wait until the opponent  makes the same thing. After both of you finish, you will have the opportunity to listen to the rap battle that you and your opponent did and determine who the winner should be in your opinion. You can also share the rap battle in your social medias and let people know about that.

Download AutoRap apk

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